XVP Voting Guide

May 24, 2017

by balvio

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Reșița, Romania



Now that the swap is over and activities are picking up, it’s time to move the value of XVP up. Yes, it’s what you’ve been waiting for!

To get the value up, you are expected to vote XVP and have it listed on big exchanges where the value will move up faster than you can imagine.

VirtacoinPlus (XVP) is a community effort. Only if we ALL work together we will succeed in raising the value of XVP.

Every single member is important – YOU are important!


  1. We need to focus our collective effort to get the listing of VirtacoinPlus (XVP) for trading on livecoin.net exchange website
  2. Below is a simple guide to help you vote for XVP to be listed on livecoin. Remember, voting is one of the best way to move the value up quickly!

So don’t relax. Keep voting until XVP wins!


Livecoin is a modern service for accessing cryptocurrency exchange markets. You are provided with a comfortable, practical and profitable platform with which to work with cryptocurrencies – suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.

What is it for?

Livecoin is a convenient and affordable service for purchasing and selling Litecoin, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Exchange, buy, sell, gamble on rates and earn – just like on conventional exchanges.

For whom?

Livecoin.net service is for everyone – it’s easy to get started for beginners and more experienced trader who’re interested in detailed information about the markets. Livecoin features an intuitive, simple interface for beginners and lots of useful features for experienced traders.


  • Registration 

Simply click on this banner and choose “Sign up” in order to follow the registration form. You will be asked for account activation, so a valid email is required.

  1. Deposit

Active clients have 1 free vote every 30 days. One client is considered active if any currency or cryptocurrency, were credited to his account for the last 30 days.

In order to complete a deposit, choose “BALANCE” in the Main Menu

You have to choose between two options:

  1. Fiat currency
  2. Crypto-currency 

For crypto-currency, choose bitcoin in the list and click deposit. An window will pop-up showing the address of your wallet where satoshis should be sent:

  • Voting

1 (one) free vote is available just after your deposit has been completed.

If you’re willing to give it to XVP and also buy more votes, follow this guide further:

Go to Main Menu – “FOR BUSINESS” & choose “Voting”. A voting list will be displayed.

Find VirtaCoinPlus in the list and choose the number of votes you want to assign to our currency:

Click “Vote”

A new window will pop-up which will ask for your approval:

Click “Vote” again.  A ”Thanks for voting!” bar will be displayed.

Depending on the number of votes you have chosen, they will be attributed to our currency and the amount of money will be deducted from your account.


  • 1 (one) vote will cost you 0.0001 btc, which is about 25 cents
  • 10 votes will cost you 0.001 btc, about $2.5
  • 100 votes will cost you 0.01 btc, about $25
  • 1000 votes will cost you 0.1 btc, about $250


Every XVP holder should be able to afford at least 10 votes. Let’s unite our efforts and get XVP listed!

We all need to talk the same frequency… The power of this cryptocurrency is YOU !!

Thank you for your contribution to the development of XVP cryptocurrency!